The Process

‘One size fits all’ doesn’t work for me. Or you. That’s why I take a highly customized approach to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Program Design

I provide you with a tailored program based on both your goals and initial food intake and activity data.

Daily Tracking

You follow the program and record your intake and activity through my app.

Weekly Check-Ins

We review your intake and activity data, discuss progress, make adjustments, and address any questions or concerns.

Monthly Check-Ins

We review your progress from the previous month and create an action plan for the next 30 days. Repeat.

How We Measure Progress

We measure success by the outcomes you’re seeking to achieve. Typically it’s to feel attractive and healthy.

Determinants of progress will also include how well you rate your:

We evaluate these health markers because they can be both a cause and an effect of your food intake, exercise, and recovery.

The Vantage Point Method

Exercise (Controlled Stress) + Food (Recovery fuel) + Sleep (Recovery) = Adaptation

My Focus Areas

I combine “The Big 3”: strength training, proper eating, and recovery to drive change in body composition.


I work with you to program your workouts and make adjustments to meet your goals, whether it be to lose weight or get leaner, build muscle and strength, or to improve endurance.


I provide a flexible dieting program to help you gain control over your health and body composition. I guide you in understanding what ratio of macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats) you need to fuel your body for performance and recovery, and to maintain the physique and body composition you are striving for.


I provide exercise therapy solutions to any nagging injuries or chronic problems, and provide corrective exercises for imbalances that may contribute to injury.